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I want sex. And then cuddling. And then sleep. And then pancakes.



"It is more shameful to distrust our friends than to be deceived by them."

—Confucius (via shieldtwin1)


2 notes   Apr 23rd 2014


& my heart has
wept  for  those
that i could not


a very real world reaction to the superhero concept

Dinnertime. And then I’m likely going to sign off for the night. The last of the asks tomorrow. Also, I promised a couple of starters. 

0 notes   Apr 22nd 2014
"Would you light my candle?"
- reckless-wildfire

          "Of course, Dani." A warm smile settled on his cheeks as he spoke, head inclining politely. Dipping his own candle, flame met wick, setting his student’s alight. "Not to worry, my dear," he assured with a nod. "The Professor McCoy is fixing the backup generator as we speak. We’ll have power soon." 

“You wanna dance?” (Ronnie and doing the thing xD)
- brokenoutcasts

          Slender fingers tightened their hold on his third glass of scotch. Oh, how he’d been hoping to avoid such an interaction. It wasn’t that he had anything against clubs, they just weren’t his usual haunt. Damn Raven for dragging him here. He offered he blonde a kind smile, sheepishness pinking his cheeks. “I’d love to. Truly, I would, but you see…I don’t dance.” Or couldn’t dance, as it were, but why did she need to know that? “Thanks for the offer.”